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Hawaii Hires BC Assistant Kevin Lempa As Defensive Coordinator, Sean Duggan As Linebacker Coach

The third BC coach of the offseason is heading to another school

Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports

Boston College lost another coach, as defensive back coach Kevin Lempa will be heading to Hawaii to coach for the Rainbow Warriors:

Lempa joins former BC Defensive Coordinator Don Brown (Michigan) and Coleman Hutzler (South Carolina) as coaches who have left Chestnut Hill after the 2015 season. Lempa has a history with Hawaii as he was their defensive coordinator from 2000-2002. It's a great chance for Lempa to run a defense again on how own, and coaching in Hawaii post 60 years old, does anything beat it?

Also wedged in this news is that former BC linebacker and grad assistant Sean Duggan was hired to be linebacker coach with Lempa in Hawaii. This will be Duggan's first real coaching job, and a big opportunity for the young graduate.

For Boston College this means that Ben Albert is the only lone holdover from the Don Brown era. While BC hasn't said anything, you have to think that the next Defensive Coordinator will get to pick his own staff. There hasn't been any rumblings on any replacements as of yet, but of course we will be all over any developments.