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Get to Know The Defensive Coordinator Candidates: Chuck Heater

Get to Know DC Candidates: Chuck Heater

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

By Eric Hoffses


76        Northern Arizona Running Backs Coach

77-78   Toledo Running Backs Coach

79-81   Toledo Defensive Back Coach

82-84   Wisconsin Defensive Backs Coach

85-87   Ohio State Defensive Backs coach

88-90   Notre Dame Defensive Backs coach

91-92   Colorado State Defensive Coordinator

93        Colorado Recruiting Coordinator

94        Colorado Defensive Backs Coach

95-98   Colorado Tight Ends Coach

99-01   Washington Defensive Backs Coach

02-03   Washington Running Backs Coach

04        Utah Defensive Backs Coach

05-07   Florida Cornerbacks Coach

08-09   Florida Assistant Defensive Coordinator

10        Florida Co-Defensive Coordinator

11-12   Temple Defensive Coordinator

13-15   Marshall Defensive Coordinator

Why Heater:

Heater has engineered one of the best turnarounds of a defense in college football over the past few years. When Heater came to Marshall he inherited one of the worst defenses in college football with a unit that allowed an average of 43 points per game (Only Colorado allowed more points per game that season). In just one year, Heater dropped that average down to 23 points per game which was the biggest one year decrease in college football that year. This season the Herd allowed only 17.8 points per game which was the 12th best mark nationally.

When Heater was with Addazio at Temple the defense was very good as well. In 2011, Temple had the third best scoring defense in the country behind only LSU and Alabama. Before that, Heater was a very successful Co-DC on Florida’s National Championship team.

In terms of scheme, Heater looks like he would bring a similar philosophy like Don Brown did in what is described as an aggressive man coverage scheme. Heater’s defenses have been among the national leaders in pass deflections and quarterback hurries over the last handful of seasons.

In terms of location, Boston is about 10,000 times nicer than Huntington, West Virginia if that is the kind of thing that appeals to Heater.

Why not Heater:

From Heater’s perspective he would be leaving a stable situation at Marshall where head coach Doc Holiday has had 10 wins each of the last three seasons. Holiday has been rumored as a candidate for better jobs but has never been offered one, presumably because he is in his 60’s. After such an impressive run the last three years it would be tough to imagine Marshall getting rid of Holiday anytime soon which means Heater has a lot of stability whereas at BC he could be gone in a year if BC struggles to reach .500 or better next year.

The only negative on Heater’s coaching profile is that for as good as his defenses have been in terms of scoring defense and total defense they haven’t had very good run defenses. Since 2013 Heater’s defenses have had rush defense national rankings of 59, 55 and 65. In his last year at Temple, Heater’s defense was 102nd ranked even though it was a top three defense. Is it a big deal? Probably not, but traditionally at BC the great defenses have started with a great rush defense so those stats are a little concerning.

On strictly a fan level the only thing bad about bringing in Heater would be the non-stop one-liners from ESPN3 announcers. Can’t you hear them now? Chuck Heater bringing the HEAT right there! The BC defense is HEAT-ing up!

The Bottom Line:

Sure one of the big name candidates would be a splashier hire but out of the most realistic names Heater might be the best fit. He has worked with Addazio before so there would be no surprises in terms of coach-coordinator communication and relationship. Heater has a proven track record of success at multiple locations and has shown he can work his scheme to fit around different personnel.