Ohio State Destroys Cornell, Reaffirms That College Hockey Is Weird


All the talk going in to the Florida College Hockey Classic was that the field featured three bona fide national title contenders in Providence, Cornell, and Boston College. And then there was the ugly duckling of the group, Ohio State - one of the worst teams in one of the worst conferences in college hockey.

So, naturally, Ohio State won the tournament. And they didn't just win it, they CRUSHED it, smoking Cornell 8-0!!! in the title game. Cornell had, to this point, only lost once all season, and was coming off being the first team to beat Providence this year. Good to know that you're still really, really weird, college hockey. Never change.

There's literally only one creature on the planet who saw this coming: Wrenny the cat, who not only correctly predicted all 4 games but also got the dang score correct for both BC games. Move over, Paul the Octopus. The cats are now in 3rd place in our year long prediction contest...