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BC Interruption's Christmas Wish List

Christmas greetings to you and yours!

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Merry Christmas everyone! It may feel more like Memorial Day in Boston weather-wise, but we're excited to celebrate the holiday, and as always thankful for all the readers and community members who make this site what it is. We hope that you and your families all enjoy a wonderful holiday together.

In honor of Christmas, the writers at BCI have drawn up a Christmas wish list for people in BC athletics.

For Katie King Crowley, we wish for a trophy. Any trophy. Closing the deal on the Beanpot would I think shake off some of the demons from last year.

For Jerry York, we wish for a fountain of youth.

For Jim Christian: A couple of ACC wins. It's not too much to ask.

We wish for an offense, any semblance of an offense for the football team.

We wish for an offensive and defensive coordinator that when hired makes us giddy.

For Steve Addazio, we wish for a four star recruit that invigorates the recruiting program.

We'd like to wish, for Steve Addazio's sake, that Michigan announced the wrong name, and that Don Brown was actually their runner up choice for the job.

We wish for Baldwin Jr's excommunication from football/basketball games be lifted. Santa, any way you can help with this?

For the BC baseball team, we wish for an ACC tournament appearance, which will put them in the running for the NCAA tournament.

We wish for a nice glass of merlot for the #JY1K celebration.

For the women's basketball team, we wish for a spot in the national rankings. And maybe an NCAA tournament upset win over UConn? Santa, we've been really, really good this year.

For either basketball team, we wish for at least one win over Syracuse. This year's #OrangeEagle trophy is getting out of hand.

For women's lacrosse, we wish to see them get over a colossal hump and make it in to the Final Four.

For all of us, we wish for a practice facility announcement soon, so that BC can keep up with Providence, Holy Cross and Bryant.

For BC athletics as a whole, we wish for an ACC championship. Any ACC championship. Fencing will do.

For Jimmy Hayes, we wish for some more goals for the Bruins.

For Johnny Gaudreau, we wish for him to break Patrick Kane's scoring streak.

For Cory Schneider, and for Bailin, For the love of God can someone on the DEVILS PLEASE HELP HIM OUT HE'S STANDING ON HIS HEAD.

For all of you and from all of us, we wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!


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Brian (in exile in California)