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Boston College Football Recruiting: KJ Gray Decommits From Eagles

The first domino falls.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Coaching changes always effects recruiting, and it didn't take long for the loss of Don Brown to immediately hurt the Eagles. According to reports from, wide receiving recruit KJ Gray has decommitted from the Eagles

Gray, a wide receiver from St. Peter's Prep in New Jersey committed to the Eagles back in June. At the time he was choosing between Boston College, Syracuse and Rutgers. Of course New Jersey was Don Brown's territory so this move shouldn't be that big of a surprise, especially since Gray has seemed less than firm on his choice on Twitter.

With Gray gone, the Eagles will have to go out and find another dynamic wide receiver (apparently KJ was recruited to play defensive back). But the bigger question will be how Brown's departure will effect other recruits. A name to watch out for is Bryce Morais, who like Gray has been tweeting about other schools. Will he decommit? It will certainly be worth watching.

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