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BC Interruption Three Stars of the Week: Men's Soccer's Trevor Davock Is #1

It was another tight vote in the star of the week selection

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For the second straight week, a star of the men's soccer team's run to the Elite Eight has emerged as the week's #1 star. In one of the closest votes of the year, Trevor Davock is the winner.

#1 Star: Trevor Davock, men's soccer.

Davock scored the game's opening goal in the first half of Sunday's BC win at Georgetown - BC's only "real" goal of the game. He also scored on his PK attempt.

#2 Star: Matt Gaudreau, men's hockey

Gaudreau is playing the best hockey of his career right now, including notching three assists against RIT on Saturday.

#3 Star: Haley Skarupa, women's hockey

Goals on goals on goals for Skarupa, who scored a hat trick in a 5-point effort against PC.

--Honorable Mentions--

#4: Len Zeugner, soccer - scored the winning goal in the penalty kick shootout against GTown
#5 Nicole Boudreau, WBB - led the team in scoring in their victory over Utah
#6 The entire Gaudreau/White/Fitzgerald line, hockey
#7 Ryan Fitzgerald, hockey
#8 Dennis Clifford, basketball - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Updated Three Stars of the Year Standings

The fans joined the staff in voting for Simon Enstrom last week.

1. Alex Carpenter, 9 points (2 staff wins) (1 fan win)
2. McKenzie Meehan, 8 points (1 staff win) (1 fan win)
t3. Simon Enstrom, 6 points (1 staff win) (1 fan win)
t3. Matt Gaudreau, 6 points (1 staff win) (1 fan win)
t5. Bobby Swigert, 4 points (1 staff win) (1 fan win)
t5. Zeiko Lewis, 4 points (1 staff win) (1 fan win)
t5. Eli Carter, 4 points (1 staff win) (1 fan win)
8. Trevor Davock, 4 point (1 staff win)
9. Teddy Doherty, 4 points
t10. Kam McLain, 3 points (1 staff win)
t10. Thadd Smith, 3 points (1 staff win)
t10. Eryn McCoy, 3 points (1 staff win)
t10. Makenna Newkirk, 3 points (1 staff win)

t14. Harold Landry, 3 points (1 fan win)
t14. Thatcher Demko, 3 points (1 fan win)

t14. Steven Daniels, 3 points (1 fan win)
t17. John Johnson, 2 points

t17. AshLeigh Sebia, 2 points
t17. Emily McCoy, 2 points

t17. Colin White, 2 points

t17. Jerome Robinson, 2 points

t22. The entire BC football defense, 1 point (1 fan win)
t22. Alex Howell, 1 point (1 fan win)
t24. Tyler Rouse, 1 point
t24. Jeff Smith, 1 point
t24. Katty Workman, 1 point
t24. Kevin Kavalec, 1 point
t24. Austin Cangelosi, 1 point

t24. Kelcie Hromisin, 1 point

t24. Miles Wood, 1 point
t24. Justin Simmons, 1 point
t24. Haley Skarupa, 1 point

Who was your #1 star this week? Leave your thoughts below.