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#CountdownToJY1K: December 2, 2006 - Boston College Tops BU 1-0 On An Own Goal

The second installment in our look back at classic games

Elsa/Getty Images

The most famous own goal in Boston University hockey history is obviously Matt O'Connor's whoopsy-daisy in this year's national championship game. But the second most famous might be an own goal scored by Pete MacArthur in a regular season clash between the Eagles and the Terriers on December 2, 2006 - on this day, nine (!) years ago.

Cory Schneider vs. John Curry was one of the best BC vs. BU goaltending matchups in recent memory. Schneider obviously has gone on to success in the NHL. Curry's pro career has been a bit more up and down, but he was a damn good college goaltender, and backstopped BU to three Beanpot titles and a Hockey East championship in 2006.

On this day at Agganis Arena, both goalies were up to the task, stopping every shot their opponent threw at them. Schneider was the busier goalie, stopping 34 BU shots. Curry stopped the 22 shots the Eagles mustered, but allowed a fluky first period goal when MacArthur carried the puck out from behind his own net and somehow inexplicably bounced it in off Curry. It stood up for the final score and went down as Jack Parker's first ever 1-0 loss.

Highlights (ignore the annoying watermark on the screen, it goes away once the actual game highlights start):

This game was notable for being the first "official" matchup between BC and BU that season, since the planned clash the night before at Conte Forum was canceled due to foggy conditions and a power outage at the arena. #clownshoes. It was also, as a result, the first BC/BU game I attended as a student. I arrived at the game late because I was judging a high school debate tournament (nerd rec) and as such missed the only goal of the game. I'm pretty sure I've never been late to a game since. I also learned on this day that buying standing room only tickets at Agganis is a bad idea, since they basically save no space for it and you have to look through a tiny clearing to watch the game. Many lessons learned.