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Boston College Football Post Mortem: Who Was The Team MVP?

Guessing it was on the defensive side of the ball.

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

The season is over, and for our next roundtable the question was asked "Who was the team MVP". For the first time we had a unanimous choice. Leave your thoughts in the comment section...

AJ: Steven Daniels: Almost picked him as my most improved player as well, Daniels was the leader on that defense. When he went down against Louisville, the season looked bleak. But he toughed it out and went back out there. Just an awesome season for the senior linebacker.

Dan: Steven Daniels. I remember during his freshman year when I thought Daniels was blown off the play and didn't look that great. I remember thinking the window of "the next great linebacker" was going to end. By the end of this year, though, he physically matured into one of the most dominant players on the field. He's the heart and soul of the nation's best defense, and someone needs to take a flyer on him in the NFL Draft. He's a beast of a player, and I can't say enough good things about him as he leaves BC.

Joe: Steven Daniels, agreed. To quote Grant, "dude is a manimal." The whole defense was incredible but to have him leading the way set the tone. It's too bad the defense's strong season was squandered.

Arthur: Pick anyone on defense. I'll say Steven Daniels just because everyone else is, but you can honestly pick anyone on defense.