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BC Hockey First Semester Recap: The Taylor Swift Edition

Because sometimes gifs speak louder than words.

Here at BCI, we are big Taylor Swift fans, so we decided that the best way to recap the first half of the hockey season would be with Taylor Swift gifs.

Haters Gonna Hate gif

Taylor Swift has a lot of emotions. We have a lot of emotions about BC Hockey. It just makes sense. So without further ado, here is your first semester recap!

10/3: BC 2, University of New Brunswick 5

Sad TSwift

Sure, this was "just an exhibition game". Yes, UNB did defeat an AHL team before taking on BC. But exhibition games are exciting because hockey is coming back, and losing makes us sad.

10/9: BC 5, Army 1

thumbs up TS gif

Of course we were going to win this game. But a win is still a win.

10/11: BC 1, Rensselaer 2

ts not good gif

wrong tswift gif

Shouldn't have lost this one.

10/16: BC 6, Wisconsin 0

byeee tswift gif

Bye Wisconsin. You tried.

10/23: BC 3, Colorado College 0

cheering tswift gif

After that RPI loss, two shutouts in a row was very reassuring / exciting.

10/24: BC 5, Colorado College 0

awesome tswift gif

^ Thatcher Demko

10/30: BC 4, Denver 3

Before the game there was drama and we were like:

not sorry tswift

But then BC won. #Bye

cheering tswift gif

baiii tswift

11/3: BC 7, UMass 0

showing off tswift gif
sorry tswift gif

Sorry not sorry for dominating you, UMass.

11/6: BC 3, Maine 0

tswift bow gif

Just another shutout, no big deal.

11/8: BC 2, Maine 0

remembered tswift


11/13: BC 6, MSU 4

happy tswift gif

MSU almost came from behind to take this game, and seeing BC thrive under pressure was very exciting.

11/21: BC 6, UNH 3

When UNH scored and got to throw the fish we were like: 

ew tswift gif

But BC came away with a decisive win at a tough away rink and we were like: 

dancing swan swift

11/24: BC 5, UConn 1

tswift shrug gif

Yay winning, but that was easy.

11/28: BC 6, RIT 2

At first it looked like another post-Thanksgiving meltdown game and we were like:

absurd tswift

But then BC scored six unanswered goals and we were like:

bowing tswift gif

12/5: BC 3, Northeastern 3

what tswift

exhausting tswift

Not the best.

12/6: BC 4, NU 3

Going into the game we were like:

shake it off

And then BC started losing and we were cranky because BC was looking like this:

bad guys good gif

But BC came back from behind to win and it was wicked exciting:

squee swift

12/10: BC 3, Notre Dame 4

denial swift


BC is back in action against Ohio State on December 28 in Estero, Florida.

month swift

In the meantime, I will be hanging out at Gifford Cat Shelter, waiting for the next installment of #CatPredictions.

cats swift


#Domination #SquadGoals

bad blood swift squad