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#CountdownToJY1K: 2012 Beanpot Championship

You can't celebrate Coach York without mentioning the Beanpot.

J. Meric/Getty Images

I can't talk about my favorite BC wins without at least one Beanpot shoutout, because the Beanpot always has been and always will be a highlight of my year. One time is high school I woke up on Beanpot Monday sick & feverish and through sheer will power made myself better by 5 PM. Through Undergrad and Law School I have always scheduled my second semester classes to avoid Monday evening.

The 2012 Beanpot came in the middle of BC's 5 year Beanpot streak. After thrashing Northeastern 7-1 in the first round, BC took on BU in the finals. Pat Mullane scored in the first period to put BC up 1-0. Five minutes into the second, Garrett Noonan tied it up on a BU power play, but BC went back up on a Chris Kreider from Johnny Gaudreau goal at the end of the period.

At 7:12 of the third period, Noonan scored another game tying power play goal, which ended up sending the game into OT. The first overtime period was back and forth and fairly even, and everyone in the building expected the game to go into a second OT. Until Bill Arnold scored the game winning goal with SIX POINT FOUR seconds left on the clock. Celebration ensued, and Johnny Gaudreau (2 G, 1 A) was named Tournament MVP. This goal celebration is a classic that you will see pop up in most post-2012 BC highlight videos.