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Syracuse 20 Boston College 17: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

The season is over, let's look at the final game one last time.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

The Good

Matt Milano: There really wasn't much to be positive about this season, but remember we have another year of Matt Milano after this season. He started off the game with a soul crushing tackle on the Syracuse running back five yards behind the line of scrimmage, made a fantastic play in coverage about thirty yards down the field, and was just a disruptor on defense. He is awesome, and will only get better by next season.

Colton Lichtenberg: He has to be the place kicker moving forward. Absolutely drilled another FG for the Eagles. No real pressure situation as of yet, but still his consistency has been better than Mike Knoll.

Jeff Smith's Feet: He should have run the ball on more designed runs, once it was clear that Syracuse had no idea how to stop it. His throws were really bad, but he was dangerous with his feet. Again it's more on the coaches than anything, but why didn't he run the ball more?

Mike Walker: He was electric on kick returns. Making big plays every time he touches the ball. But it's a shame he isn't getting the ball more often. Get him on the field more often, on punt returns and on offense.

The Bad

Kickoff(s) Out Of Bounds: How does a team have a place kicker who kicks the ball out of bounds three times in two games? That is inexcusable.

Punt Returns: Again this isn't Thadd Smith's fault, as he was clearly told to just fair catch anything kicked to him, but this has been a pattern for years. Sherm Alston looked really hesitant before him, don't understand why there isn't anyone on this roster that they could confidently try and return punts, like Michael Walker.

The Offensive Line (with special guest appearance by Charlie Callinan): Aaron Monteiro struggled mightily out there, the line got nabbed for holds, you know, the usual mess. Callinan gets a special shout out on this one for the play that almost ended Jeff Smith's season. Callinan completely whiffed on his block, leaving a blitzer to fly in untouched and basically decapitate Smith (should have been blow to the helmet but whatever).

The Ugly

The Drops: As bad as Jeff Smith's passes looked on most passes, there were a bunch that he hit his receivers right in the numbers and they dropped it. Elijah Robinson had a handful of them, and to be honest there were others but this game was such a depressant that I completely forget who they were.

The Penalties: Give it to Syracuse their first half gameplan of having their wide receivers throw their hands up for PI flags went really well. But I'm not blaming the officials for this one. This game had the same sloppy play that this whole season was plagued with. Presnap penalties, holds, face masks, just brutal. You can't win games when your have this many penalties.

The Playcalling: Run, run, pass punt. I was shocked that Addazio didn't bother to at least try some new things out, instead it was Tyler Rouse up the gut, running it on 1st down 15 times in a row at one point. It was the same old story different day. I hate looking for blood, but blood must be let after this abysmal performance. Steve Addazio isn't going anywhere, the program really needs to cut ties with Todd Fitch. Injuries, youth are all probable excuses, but axing the OC of a team that was the worst P5 offense in the country has to happen for recruits and to save face for the current players.