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Happy Thanksgiving from BC Interruption

Thank you, thank you, and thank you

Hey everyone - we hope you're having a great Thanksgiving wherever you are in Eagle land, and that you enjoy a day of food and family and maybe get to enjoy some of the basketball game tonight. As is tradition 'round these parts, we're going to share some of the things we're thankful for at BCI.


-I'm thankful for the readers of BC Interruption and the community we've built over the past 8 (!) years. It's been an incredible journey, with many ups and downs (mostly downs, but that's the life we've picked as BC fans). The opportunity to share in the joys and frustrations with this vibrant community has kept my ties to BC athletics strong.

-I'm thankful for Brian Favat and Jeff Martyn, who co-founded BCI and made it what it is today, and thankful they entrusted our next generation with stewardship of the site.

-I'm thankful for all the editors and contributors to BC Interruption - you're all family to me:

Grant, my best friend and partner in goofy sports-related crime
AJ, because you've gotta love the kind of guy who lets you share his tailgate spot... and his food... and his beer... and his wine.
New Guy, for still letting us call him New Guy after all these years, and for constantly providing thought-provoking fodder for the blog
Arthur, for bringing back awesome BC basketball coverage to the site, and for being part of #teamwomenshockey
Laura, for fitting in seamlessly with the team as a new member, and for the cats. (Especially for the cats.)
Coach, I've only gotten to sit with you at one game and I learned a lot just from that. Let's catch a hoops game soon so I can soak it all in
Bridget, for fixing our mistakes, for weighing in with some awesome writing when she chooses to chime in, and for some awesome book-nerd conversations on Twitter
Kwani, for being our voice on campus the past few years and being in the know when we need anything.
Caleb, for bringing a new element to the site with field hockey coverage! Let's hope for a national title in the coming years.

-I'm perennially thankful for Jerry York and hope to be able to witness win #1000 very, very soon
-I'm thankful to get to watch Alex Carpenter play in person. We'll miss her a lot when she's gone.
-I'm thankful for McKenzie Meehan, aka the next Abby Wambach but with less heading
-I'm thankful for the Providence College Friars (you know why)
-I'm thankful we finally defeated sesame seed pretzels at Conte Forum
-I'm thankful that the BC Band seems to have stepped up its game this year (cool new instruments at football; Hockey Night in Canada theme; going to the most recent women's game)
-I'm thankful for the people I sit with at hockey games. OO! We lost some members this year and I'm sure we'll contineu to have folks move around the country for various reasons but it's great to have as many of us together as possible on Friday nights.

-And last but not least I'm thankful to be a part of the BC Community and for what it stands for. We're lucky to share an alma mater with so many fine people who have done incredible things to make the world a better place. #soar


I'm thankful for Don Brown, the dudest of all Dudes. (Amen.)


I'm thankful that the BCI community accepted me and my cats.

And for Jerry York.

New Guy

I am thankful for baseball season because every year, hope springs eternal.


I'm thankful for all of my friends, both BCI and at BC who have made my time at the Heights so great.


And we're all thankful for all of you. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!