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Is Boston College The Worst Power 5 Conference Team In The Country? An Investigation

Well, are they?

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Point: Boasts the country's 127th best offense, ahead of only winless Central Florida.

Counterpoint: Maintains the country's top defensive unit, allowing a measly 255.6 yards per game.

Counterpoint: Beat 8-win Central Michigan and lost four games by a single score.

Point: Got shut out by Wake Forest.

Point: Two of three wins on the year came against FCS fodder.

Counterpoint: Didn't lose to an FCS opponent. I see you, South Carolina, Washington State and Kansas.

Counterpoint: Has won a game this season, unlike Kansas.

Point: Kansas didn't get to face Maine, Howard or Northern Illinois.

Point: Set a new program attendance low in the 44,500-seat Alumni Stadium era when just 26,132 showed up to watch BC past Howard.

Counterpoint: That's still 6,123 more than showed up to BC @ Duke this year.

Counterpoint: Sixty spots ahead of Kansas in the latest Sagarin ratings (BC 81 to Kansas 141).

Point: Games are played on the field and math is stupid.

Point: Coaching staff coaches without regard to communication equipment's feelings.

Counterpoint: Do communication equipment lives matter?