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Boston College Football: Disenchanted With The Disenchanted

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

I get that this season has been a massive disappointment. The offense, special teams and clock management in games this year has been more or less an unmitigated disaster. We've seemingly wasted an all-American defense with an offense allergic to positive yardage plays (in no small part because the OL has been bad to very bad).

But for all those that now claim they are "done" with Addazio, or continually b-tch about the coaching staff's performance, can you at least offer a way forward that is not "Boston College should drop down to the Patriot League" instead of complaining to hear yourself complain?

Here are your options:

1. BC takes no action and we all set about hoping that Addazio's right about the relative upward trajectory of the program. Hope that the defense is just as good if not better than this year, Wade and Hilliman return to form and the offensive line gels.

2. Sacrifice Fitch and/or take offensive playcalling responsibilities out of Addazio's hands and give them to the new OC.

3. Clean house and fight for head coaching scraps in a year where there are currently 12 FBS head coaching positions open (and more to come). If option 3, please offer up realistic head coaching candidates to replace Addazio and staff that is not Steve Sarkisian fresh outta rehab.

Not trying to troll here. Want to have an actual conversation around the possible solutions; not read the broken record of complaints that don't offer any.

Thank you. I hope you have a good day. Go Team!