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Boston College Basketball: Things That I Liked, And Things That I Didn't

What went right Saturday afternoon? What didn't?

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

What Went Right

Eli Carter and Jerome Robinson: It was fairly obvious that BC had one bonafide scorer in Eli Carter after watching him put up 33 against Bentley. However, to ignore the game that Jerome Robinson had on Saturday would be an egregious mistake. Robinson put up 19 points, including one monster jam. The ability for the Eagles to have two bonafide scorers gives the team more options.

Oh, and Robinson got six rebounds. Not too shabby.

Also, this:

Team Chemistry: The Eagles looked in sync for much of the game. Whether it was scoring off assists, finishing on second chance opportunities (15 points to be exact), or overall the overall positive attitude from the team, it is clear that this team is having fun and is enjoying playing together. That's huge given the youth of this team. That will become even more important later in the season when the team struggles through the meat of its schedule. If everyone has each other's backs, the development process can go on.

A Level of Depth for Big Men: Dennis Clifford had the lions' share of minutes amongst the Eagles' big men. However, Johncarlos Reyes and Idy Diallo came in for a combined 15 minutes of the game, and they put in solid minutes. Diallo in particular played a very aggressive game (too aggressive at times, more on that in a minute). It is clear that these players playing in their first career college games are not timid. Rather, they are ready to go. This gives the Eagles some depth.

Went Went Wrong

Foul Trouble: I liked Diallo's game a lot. I liked his aggressiveness. But fouling out in nine minutes of action is inexcusable. I liked his aggressive play, but there is a level of emphasis this year about cutting down on physicality in the game. He needs better discipline. But it is early, and I like his game.

Open Looks Around the Arc: In my final thoughts and predictions, I asked the question, I Can Has Perimeter Defense? This came from seeing Bentley getting far too many looks from beyond the arc. Evidently, especially in the first half of the first half, the answer was no, I Cannot Has Perimeter Defense. The Eagles gave the Terriers far too many open looks from beyond the arc. St. Francis (Brooklyn) didn't knock those shots down. Others will. They need to work on it.

Struggles From The Field: AJ Turner was 2-5 from the field, Dennis Clifford was 1-6. That's something they should work on, just getting some of the cobwebs out.

Overall, I was really impressed with how the team looked. We'll see if my cynicism comes back later in the season.