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Boston College 75, St. Francis 49: Newsstand

Rounding up links on yesterday's game

Boston College basketball's season opener is in the books as the Eagles started off with a successful 75-49 win, powered by graduate transfer Eli Carter and a supersized group of freshmen. Here's a look at reaction and analysis from around the web on BC's win.

Boston Globe: BC Basketball Wins Season Opener

"He's a really good player,'' Christian said [of Jerome Robinson]. "The one thing he's done as a freshman that's not really a surprise, but a delight, is that he picks things up very quickly. You can make a comment to him during the game and he fixes it right away or he'll already know it.

"He might be a little bit ahead of the other freshmen because of that.''

The Heights: Future Meets Present in BC's Season Opening Victory

Not much is expected from the Eagles (1-0) this season, but they gave fans a few reasons to be hopeful in a 75-48 victory over St. Francis Brooklyn (0-1) on Saturday. Everyone, from leading scorer Eli Carter to bench mob captain Steve Perpiglia, made tangible contributions at some point in the contest.

Fox Sports/AP: Eagles Soar Past St. Francis

Carter couldn't hold back from smiling when asked how hard it is not to get frustrated with the young guys.

''It's very hard, but I'm learning,'' he said, smiling before answering. ''It's a new role for me. Coach is always getting on me. It's a new challenge that I'm more than willing to accept.''

EagleAction: Eagles Impressive In Opener

It was overall a really impressive debut for all of the BC freshmen, as almost all of them played about as well as you could envision for a debut. Even John Carlos Reyes who had a couple of passes bounce off his hands and out of bounds on the offensive end early in the game was able to grab two rebounds at the end of the game. Jim Christian couldn't have asked for more from his young players.

Eagle in Atlanta: Basketball Starts Off Strong

Even with Hanlan, there were many times the past few years where BC's talent wasn't even as good as many of our non-conference opponents. That wasn't an issue Saturday. Carter played as expected and freshman Jerome Robinson exploded. Even the bench players had moments.

All in all, rave reviews for the season opening performance, albeit one that came against a smaller conference team. We'll see if they can draw more plaudits when they face Central Connecticut on Thursday night at 6 PM.