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BCI Three Stars Of The Week: Thadd Smith Is #1

A look at the weekend's top performers

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Another week has come and gone. Last week, Zeiko Lewis won both our staff vote and the fan vote as the driving force behind men's soccer's big week. This week, we had one of the tightest votes yet. To the results:

#1 Star: Thadd Smith, football: 13 points, 2 first place votes

My logic for having Smith on my ballot: in my mind, he really had two touchdown catches. It was a breakout performance for Smith; let's hope for more of the same going forward.

#2 Star: Alex Carpenter, women's hockey: 11 points, 3 first place votes

Carp got the most first place votes but came up shy of #1 overall in the poll. It was a "ho hum" weekend for the best player in women's college hockey, scoring four goals in two games, including a hat trick on Saturday as the BC women finished off a sweep of Minnesota Duluth.

#3 Star: Kevin Kavalec, football: 7 points, 1 first place vote

Kavalec finished the job as BC stuffed Duke in a dramatic goal line stand that kept BC's hopes of victory alive in the third quarter of Saturday's game.


#4 Sol Calvete, volleyball: 7 points

Calvete, BC's Argentinian volleyball star, was the key player in BC's win over Notre Dame over the weekend (always worthy of praise to beat ND).

#5 The entire BC defense, football: 3 points, 1 first place vote

So someone decided to go with a cop out vote and vote for the entire BC defense. Of course, I can't really argue with the pick.

#6 Andie Anastos, women's hockey: 1 point

Anastos scored two goals in BC's season opening win on Friday.

Updated Three Stars of the Year Standings

Updated as of last week's fan poll and this week's staff vote.

t1. Bobby Swigert, 4 points (1 staff win) (1 fan win)
t1. McKenzie Meehan, 4 points (1 staff win) (1 fan win)
t1. Zeiko Lewis, 4 points (1 staff win) (1 fan win)
t4. Kam McLain, 3 points (1 staff win)
t4. Thadd Smith, 3 points (1 staff win)
6. Harold Landry - 3 points (1 fan win)
t7. John Johnson, 2 points
t7. Alex Carpenter, 2 points

t7. AshLeigh Sebia - 2 points
t7. Emily McCoy - 2 points
t11. Tyler Rouse - 1 point
t11. Jeff Smith - 1 point
t11. Trevor Davock - 1 point
t11. Katty Workman - 1 point
t11. Kevin Kavalec, 1 point

Leave your thoughts on who was this week's #1 star in the poll below.