Instant Reaction: Duke Leads 3-0 After First Quarter


It's the end of the first quarter, and BC trails Duke, 7-0. Some early observations: -BC is going to be run heavy. I'm sure you're all surprised. -I like the use of Marcus Outlow off the bat. It's well-noted how much of a fan of his we are up here at BCI, so seeing him involved is a good thing. -The offensive line is inconsistent at best right now. #72 nearly got Troy Flutie's first passing attempt blown up, resulting in him scrambling - which he lacks the speed to really do with regularity. -Jeff Smith is executing the read option better, but his pass attempt didn't look good. Smith is now 2-6 on the season passing. -The defense looks very good, but they were gashed on a run up the middle. Have to think they won't let too many of those up. -Very good pursuit by the DBs and good tackling by the LBs.