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Three Stars of the Week: Guess Who?!!!

It's the usual suspects...

This was a tough week of three stars voting. Outside of Steven Daniels, there wasn't much to cheer from the football game. But the men's and women's hockey teams went to town this weekend, outscoring their opponents 20-1. The voters ultimately coalesced around four individuals, but there were so many more who put up good numbers - Jeremy Bracco's three point game, two goals for Adam Gilmour, a game sealer for Lexi Bender, the continued emergence of freshman Makenna Newkirk - that it could have gone a number of different ways.

In the end, the winner was no surprise.

#1 Star: Alex Carpenter, women's hockey (15 points, 3 first place votes)

Play that broken record! It's going to be pretty hard to not pick her every week but she even cleared her customary bar, scoring a game winning goal to put BC up on Cornell 2-1 in the third period on Friday, then scoring a Hat Trick on Saturday. She's got 14 goals - more than three teams in Hockey East - and leads the nation in goals, points, and game winning goals. She's good, basically.

#2 Star: Steven Daniels, football (13 points, 3 first place votes)

As Grant put it on his ballot, "dude is a manimal." He had two sacks and four tackles for loss, and that's only just the beginning of the stamp he put on the game. He's one of the defense's true stars.

#3 Star: McKenzie Meehan, women's soccer (13 points, 2 first place votes)

Speaking of the usual suspects... the great Meehan scored not one, but TWO game winning goals over the weekend, including a penalty kick in double overtime to beat NC State on Friday night. BC's two dramatic victories delivered by Meehan may have been enough to boost them to the correct side of the NCAA bubble.


#4: Thatcher Demko, men's hockey (7 points)

You know the competition is stiff when you pitch a pair of shutouts, doing something no BC goalie has done since 2006, but you still can't crack the top three. Sorry Thatch. Shut out Denver Friday night and you'll be in there for sure.

Updated Three Stars of the Year Standings

Updated as of last week's fan poll and this week's staff vote.

Last week, Alex Howell won the fan vote, because punting is cool.

1. Alex Carpenter, 9 points (2 staff wins) (1 fan win)
2. McKenzie Meehan, 7 points (1 staff win) (1 fan win)
t3. Bobby Swigert, 4 points (1 staff win) (1 fan win)
t3. Zeiko Lewis, 4 points (1 staff win) (1 fan win)
t5. Kam McLain, 3 points (1 staff win)
t5. Thadd Smith, 3 points (1 staff win)
t5. Eryn McCoy, 3 points (1 staff win)
t8. Harold Landry, 3 points (1 fan win)
t9. John Johnson, 2 points
t9. AshLeigh Sebia, 2 points
t9. Steven Daniels, 2 points

t9. Emily McCoy, 2 points
t9. Simon Enstrom, 2 points
t9. Colin White, 2 points
t15. The entire BC football defense, 1 point (1 fan win)
t15. Alex Howell, 1 point (1 fan win)
t17. Tyler Rouse, 1 point
t17. Jeff Smith, 1 point
t17. Trevor Davock, 1 point
t17. Katty Workman, 1 point
t17. Kevin Kavalec, 1 point
t17. Austin Cangelosi, 1 point

Who was your #1 star this week? Leave your thoughts below.