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BC Football: Joel Karim Zoungrana And Oseh Saine Leave Program

Two players gone...

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Transition is a natural part of the college football cycle, and Boston College will already have to move on from two players who have decided to go elsewhere. Neither of the players are of any consequence in the grand scheme of things, but should be reported on nevertheless.

Zoungrana just finished his sophomore year with the Eagles but never really found his place with the team. Recruited by the Frank Spaziani regime, he came in as a wide receiver but never played a snap at the position. In spring ball this year he was transitioned to defensive back, but again never cracked the two deep. He will be heading to McGill College in Montreal, Canada, where he grew up.  Best of luck in Canada, Joel—hopefully he will find playing time up there.

This situation is a little diferrent than Zoungrana's, because it isn't clear whether Saine ever officially suited up with the Eagles. He was listed on the 2014 recruiting class, but reports came out after National Signing Day that he needed to get his SAT/ACT scores up to get past admissions. According to a report in October, he did just that, and was set to join the team this January. But apparently he isn't, as he's not listed on the roster, and is taking official visits to other schools.

Neither of these losses are program breakers, and if Addazio uses those scholarships for a 5th year or a recruit all the better. Best of luck to Joel and Oseh in the future.