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BC Women's Basketball Hammered By #4 Notre Dame

During a visit to Indiana, the Fighting Irish dominated the Boston College Eagles 104-58. The Eagles now have a 0-3 record in ACC play.They will take on the Cavaliers at the University of Virginia this Thursday at 7pm.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

For some, numbers and rankings mean nothing, but in the case of Boston College versus Notre Dame, the number four held a lot of weight. During a visit to South Bend, Indiana, the Eagles lost their third ACC game to the Fighting Irish, 104-58. The Eagles started with Engeln (G), Boudreau (G), Hughes (G), Kelsick (G), Quandt (C), and a lot of energy, but their excitement was not enough to match Notre Dame's.

In the first half the Eagles shot 9 for 23 and the Fighting Irish shot 20 for 31. Boston College was 66.7% from the 3 point line, but never made it to the free throw line. By the second half, BC's shooting percentage had decreased to 29.4%, even though they were able to attempt 11 more shots than they had in the first half. They held a fixed 53.8% from both the free throw line and the arc. Notre Dame went from 64.5% in the first half to 51.5% in the second for field goals. However, they improved their made three point shots and free throws after the half. In three point shots they went from 50% to 66.7% and for foul shot they were 77.8% in the first and 88.9% in the second.

Offensively, BC was able to move the ball, but they were not able to drive as much because of Notre Dame’s tight defense. Notre Dame took the lead early on, but the Eagles continued to push until the end, scoring the last bucket with 34 second left in the game. The Eagles grabbed 31 rebounds, had 13 assists, made 5 blocks, and completed 6 steals. The numbers don't match up to that of Notre Dame's, but the Eagles are just warming up to their conference rivals.

The Eagles have now played the University of Miami, Georgia Tech, and Notre Dame. They will travel to Virginia on Thursday to take on the Cavaliers at 7pm. The game will be available here.