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Boston College GIF of the Year: Octofinals, Matchup #4

GIF me a break

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

There was no drama to be had in yesterday's vote. The motley crew of depressed USC fans easily defeated Olivier Hanlan in yesterday's Octofinal match, and will advance to the next round. They will face the winner of today's matchup in the quarterfinals.

Let's take a look.

#Soar Eagles

Hoya's entry into the field did well in the first round, taking down a beauty of a goal from Kevin Hayes by a 60-40 vote margin. But as the tournament goes on, the matchups get tougher. Can it make it past today's matchup?

Murphy To Bordner

Tyler Murphy's across the body pass to Bordner was actually a squeaker in round one, holding off Kate Leary's goal and BC's play of the year by a slim 52-48 vote margin. We'll see if it has enough momentum to move on.

Here's the updated bracket:

Your 24 hour voting block begins now. We'll be back at it on Monday to kick off the other half of the Octofinals.