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Boston College GIF of the Year: Octofinals, Matchup #3

Choosy moms choose GIF

Winslow Townson/Getty Images

Another day, another GIF matchup. Yesterday's vote between Jack Eichel and Dana Trivigno didn't exactly go down to the wire, but it was definitely no blowout with Trivigno holding on for a somewhat close win to advance to the next round.

If you look at the bracket below, you'll notice that we have a women's hockey versus women's hockey matchup for the next round, which means that a women's hockey GIF will make it into the semifinals.


Haters gonna hate.

Anyway, for today's matchup, we head off the ice and go for hoops and football. Let's get things going.

Hanlan Jumper To Win

Olivi "Eh?" Hanlan took down another Jack Eichel GIF in his first round matchup, making the jump shot to drop Georgia Tech in the ACC tournament. Hanlan advanced handily by a 70-30 margin.

USC Disbelief

One of the biggest blowouts of the first round went to this crowd of Trojans. They eliminated Anthony Castonzo's touchdown dance—what was really a great GIF—by a 81-19 vote.

Here's the bracket:

Your 24 hour vote starts now.