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Boston College GIF of the Year: Semifinals, Matchup #2

Win one for the GIF'er

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

The second semifinal! We're almost there!

Our first championship contender is in the finals. Yesterday, USC Disbelief made quick work of Dana Trivigno's goal to advance to the final round. There's only one spot left... who's it going to be?

This Might Cap It

Tyla Murphayyy, everyone. It has been an absolute cakewalk for Murphy in this tournament. His victories have come by tallies of 94-6, 94-6 and, in last week's quarterfinal, 95-5, with no GIF coming even remotely close to knocking off Murphy's big run on the way to the semifinals. Can he make it an All-USC-Game final?

Daley Upsets Duke

As it turns out, Emilee Daley's three pointer against Duke was just the first upset she would pull this season. Daley's GIF will not go down without a fight. After last week's big upset against Sherman Alston, you would be foolhardy not to think she has a shot at making it to the finals.

Here's the updated bracket:

You have 24 hours to vote. We'll see you here tomorrow for the finals!