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Boston College GIF of the Year: Semifinals, Matchup #1

The GIF'ing Tree

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

It's championship week here at BC Interruption!

Ohhhh yes, championship week, after almost two months of GIF matchups, votes, and assorted tomfoolery, we're finally getting down to the end. We have four worthy GIFs remaining, three days, two semifinals, a final, and a partridge in a GIF tree.

Last week saw the run of quarterfinals to set up the The Animated Four. On Thursday, Emilee Daley's remarkable run continued with another upset win, this time over Sherman Alston, to move on to the semis. We'll see her again tomorrow.

Here are today's competitors.

Trivigno With The Finish

It was BC women's hockey versus BC women's hockey in the quarterfinals. This team effort handily took down Kenzie Kent's backhand empty netter 68-32 in the last round.

USC Disbelief

This GIF has been a fan favorite in the tournament. While not putting up the astonishing beatdowns as some of the other entries, there have been more comments about these guys than about any other GIF. Last week it was a 74-26 win over #Soar Eagles.

Here is the updated bracket:

Time to go to work. You have 24 hours to vote.