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Boston College GIF of the Year: Quarterfinals, Matchup #4

You GIF love a bad name

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Today is the last day of the quarterfinals, which means that next week is trophy week!

Yes, at long last, after, what is it, 7 weeks or something? Crazy stuff. Monday and Tuesday will be the semifinals, Wednesday will be the finals, and Thursday we party.

Yesterday we saw Tyler Murphy cruise, again, into the next round over another Tyler Murphy. Good for Tyler Murphy.

Let's finish setting the semifinals with today's quarterfinal.

The Speedy Guyyy

The Speedy Guyyy, The Little Guyyy... Sherman Alston has dominated his way to the quarterfinals, with a 91-9 first round thrashing and a 77-23 blowout in round two. Can he keep it going?

Daley Upsets Duke

Emilee Daley's dagger of a three to drop Duke has had some fight so far. Round one took a 59-41 win, and round two picked up the pace with an even bigger 63-37 victory. Does Daley have what it takes to make it to the semis?

Here's the updated bracket:

Today's vote wraps up Friday at 9am. We'll see you back here bright and early on Monday.