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Boston College GIF of the Year: Quarterfinals, Matchup #3

Don't GIF up the fight

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

The GIFs just don't stop!

Yesterday's matchup was a pretty big blowout considering the strength of both entries. USC Disbelief cruised to the easy win over #Soar Eagles. Pretty impressive given the strength of those two GIFs.

We're coming at you fast and furious. Let's get right to it for our next quarterfinal.

This Might Cap It

It's Murphy vs. Murphy! A battle for the ages!

First up is the clinching run against USC. This touchdown has obliterated both of its opponents so far, with a pair of 94-6 victories to get to the quarterfinals. Impressive.

As an aside -- this is one GIF I did not personally make. Does anyone have any idea why the file name is DimwittedCourteousElephantbeetle.gif??

Murphy Finds Bates

So much Murphy! This time it's another clinching run, but with the added bonus of Murphy finding Brad Bates in the end zone for a celebratory pat on the head. This particular Murphy GIF made it here on the strength of 60-40 and 58-42 wins in the first two rounds.


Here's the updated bracket:

Get to it. You have 24 hours to vote.