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Boston College GIF of the Year: Quarterfinals, Matchup #2

The GIF that keeps on GIF'ing

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

No rest for the weary. I don't care how tired your vote-clicking finger is getting, after almost two months of voting, we aren't going to slow down now!

Yesterday's all-women's hockey matchup went by without incident. Kenzie Kent's nifty little 360-spin-but-really-mostly-a-nice-save was eliminated from the tournament, with Dana Trivigno's finish on what is now officially the nicest BC women's hockey goal of the year taking the win and advancing.

The ladies will face the winner's of today's matchup. And it's a good one.

USC Disbelief

USC Disbelief has been something of an unstoppable force in this tournament. In round one, it dropped Anthony Castonzo by a whopping 81-19 vote despite many calling Castonzo the best GIF eliminated in the first round. Round two was another beatdown, this time by a 77-23 margin over Olivier Hanlan.

#Soar Eagles

Hoya has promised us many a GIF entry for next year's tournament, but this year's entry is no slouch. Daz eliminated a Kevin Hayes goal in round one 60-40, and held strong over Murphy To Bordner in round two, 55-45.

Here's the updated bracket:

Your 24 hour voting block begins now.