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Boston College GIF of the Year: Octofinals, Matchup #7

GIF me just one night (una noche)

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

We're just a couple votes away from wrapping up the Octofinals and moving on to the quarters. Yesterday's vote featured another win for Tyler Murphy. Will one of his GIFs be able to carry the momentum all the way through to be crowned The Greatest GIF Of All Time Of 2015? I'm here to tell you that answer is: Maybe.

Today we have a couple of very strong entries that won't go down without a fight. Both had big margins of victory in the first round.

Let's take a look:

The Speedy Guyyy

It's going to be tough to catch Sherm—get it?!—in this tournament. His go-ahead run over USC blew out birdball by a 91-9 vote in the first round.

A Title Slips Away

O'Connor played in this weekend's Comm Ave Charity Classic at BU, and did a decent job. Personally I thought he should have played up his gaffe, but given that they played the game like an actual game without any goofiness, I'm not sure how he would have done it. He did get the biggest cheer out of everyone not named Johnny Gaudreau, with BU fans showing support and BC fans giving him the Mariano Rivera treatment.

O'Connor advanced to the Octofinals on the strength of an 83-17 win over Little Johnny.

Here's the updated bracket:

24 hours of voting begins now.