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Boston College GIF of the Year: Hexadecafinals, Matchup #1

It's here! The GIF tournament is here!

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the most important thing on the internet: BCI's 3nd Annual GIF of the Year tournament! This year, for the first time ever, we've doubled the tournament field to a whopping 32 entries. So naturally, this is going to take a while. And that's good! Because the offseason is too long anyway.

A couple of background notes:

--The tournament will run Monday through Thursday each week until a champion is crowned, with each matchup dropping at 9am each morning.

--We will unveil one matchup per day.

--Voting will close 24 hours after the original post, which means that Thursday matchups will end at 9am on Friday even though there won't be another matchup until Monday.

--A word on stuffing the ballot: D. B. A. D. Voting from more than one device is fine. Voting 1000x on one computer is not fine. You know who you are.

--The matchups were set up randomly; FA Cup style with no seeding.

--Entrants were taken from the Nominations post from last week. The only requirement is that the GIF has to be at least tangentially related to BC.

--The voting criteria is literally anything you want it to be.

And that's pretty much it. So let's rock and roll.

Matty Ice Bucket:

I'm partial to this one if only because he says my name in the Youtube video. Squeeeee!

NCSU Comedy Of Errors:

This one has perhaps a bit of an unfair advantage because it has its own theme music. All I can think of while watching that is "OH MY GOD WILL SOMEONE JUST TACKLE THEM??"

The tournament has funally begun! Voting begins now. You have 24 hours.