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Boston College GIF of the Year: Hexadecafinals, Matchup #14

The GIFs keep coming

Elsa/Getty Images

Yesterday's baseball GIF put up a fight early on, but it was no match for Sherman Alston. It was actually a close matchup for a bit, believe it or not. But I mean, come on... Sherman Alston, guys. Sherm will move on to round two to face the winner of today's matchup.

It's all hockey today, though, and whichever one makes it though is going to put up a fight. Let's see what we got.

Little Johnny

Johnny Gaudreau took part in the NHL Skills Competition, not as a participant, per se, but as a prop. Someone else early on used a child for the breakaway challenge, so Jakub Voracek pulled Johnny out as, presumably, an even tinier child. Good times.

A Title Slips Away

OF COURSE THIS GIF IS IN THE TOURNAMENT. I don't need to describe what happens other than to say it's goddamn magic.

Here's your bracket:

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