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Boston College GIF of the Year, Matchup #10: Special Guest Referee! And The Winner Is...

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We had to go out of the box to determine a winner in this one

Elsa/Getty Images

Well... I'm surprised it took so long for this to happen, For the first time ever, one of the votes in our GIF tournament ended in a deadlock. After 24 hours of voting, Gaudreau to Monahan and Let Me Taste Your Tears battled valiantly to an 81-81 draw.

But in this country, we don't settle for ties. So instead of allowing both to advance for a triple threat match in the second round, we opted for a one hour overtime period. And that overtime period... also ended in a tie.

What to do, what to do! I suppose it's our own fault for not seeing this coming at some point and for not having a plan for when it finally did happen. But we were quick on our feet, and decided to go to a special celebrity guest referee.

Coming to you live via Twitter DM (really!), our special guest referee is the one and only Luke Russert.

What say you, Luke?

I'll go with Johnny Gaudreau, because damn that was nasty. Always sucks to BU, but that was Providence's fight, not ours.

So there you have it. So Luke Russert has spoken, so it shall be. Johnny Gaudreau advances to round two, handing the sad, sad Terriers a loss. Just the way God intended.

Here's the updated bracket. Be sure to vote for today's matchup over at the post for Matchup #11.