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Boston College GIF of the Year: Hexadecafinals, Matchup #10: ONE HOUR RUN-OFF VOTE

A tie? Really?

No pressure.
No pressure.
Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

This is America.

In America, we watch baseball, even though it's boring.

In America, we call our football "football" even though no one else calls it football.

In America, we call our champions "World Champions" even though we're the only team in the world participating in the tournament.

And in America, we don't have ties.

Yesterday's matchup between the crying Terrier fans and Johnny Gaudreau's assist to Monahan ended in a deadlock at 81 to 81. So today, we're going to have a run off vote that will last only one hour.

Here are your participants:

Gaudreau to Monahan

Well that was fun. Johnny Gaudreau made that guy fall down. He fell down. Dirty.

Let Me Taste Your Tears

This is just some good, old fashioned schadenfreude. I had another one but I decided it was a little too harsh to enter into the tournament.

The vote will end at exactly 10am EDT. Make your voices heard!