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Boston College GIF of the Year: Hexadecafinals, Matchup #11

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GIF me some lovin'

J. Meric/Getty Images

Just when you think the votes can't get any closer, we have another tight one, this time courtesy of yesterday's hockey GIFs.

Normally I can kind of figure who's going to win a matchup pretty quickly and I can start putting together the next day's post, but not so today. This time, it's really and truly just a few minutes prior to 9am on Wednesday as I type this as the other matchup goes to the wire.

In the end, it was...a tie. Oh boy. So we're going to have a runoff vote.

UPDATE 10:00am: The runoff vote was a tie as well. Nice work, commies. We're going to determine a fair way to determine which GIF advances. Stay tuned.

UPDATE 12:30PM: We decided to go to a special guest referee to determine the winner. And the winner is... Gaudreau to Monahan! Thanks to Luke Russert for providing the deciding vote. The updated bracket is below.

In the meantime, let's move on to the next matchup.

Grand Theft Demko

Thank God for Thatcher Demko. This was at the very end of the game against UConn in a one goal game. Could you imagine going winless against the Huskies in their first season in Hockey East? God.

Carpy Orr

This GIF is somewhat timely, with Carpenter being selected #1 overall in the inaugural NWHL draft this weekend. She channels her inner Bobby Orr on this beauty to score for the Eagles against Princeton.

Here's the updated bracket after Luke Russert cast the deciding ballot in Matchup #10:

You have 24 hours. Make your votes count.