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Boston College GIF of the Year: Hexadecafinals, Matchup #9

Kicking off the other side of the bracket

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

We've been chugging right along, cranking out GIFs like Merrimack Hockey cranks out AARP members. Last Thursday we ended the first half of the bracket with what was easily the closest matchup yet, with Murphy to Bordner taking down Kate Leary's BC Play of the Year by just 5 votes. Remember kids, every vote counts.

After the weekend off, we're right back at it. It's all football today -- let's take a look.

Daz Swats Ref

Don't poke the bear.

I do like how the ref looked like he was going to say something, then saw a pissed off former lineman above him and was like nah.

This Might Cap It

TYLA MURPHAYYY with maybe his biggest run in a BC uniform. Beauty.

Here's your updated bracket:

Remember, last Thursday's matchup ended with just a 5 vote margin. If you think your vote doesn't matter, you're wrong. #VoteOrDie, or something.

You have 24 hours for this matchup, starting... now.