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Boston College GIF of the Year: Hexadecafinals, Matchup #7

GIFs for dayz

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday's matchup was a good one, but we had a pretty decisive victory by USC Disbelief to advance to the Octofinals over Anthony Castonzo's fantastic touchdown dance. In another tournament, with another matchup, Castonzo might have gone farther... but it was a tough first round matchup to face, for sure.

Let's keep things moving with our next pair of entries:

#Soar Eagles

It's a GIF that has started to take on a bit of a legendary status here at BCI -- can it advance #SOAR to round two?

Hayes' Wild Goal

Here's another alumni entry courtesy of Kevin Hayes. This goal is bananas. I'm not sure getting freight train'd into the post felt very good but the goal sure did.

Here's the updated bracket:

Everybody having fun? Everyone still with us? You need some endurance to make it through this tournament.

You have 24 hours, as always, to vote for this matchup, starting... now.