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Boston College GIF of the Year: Hexadecafinals, Matchup #6

More GIFs!

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Just like a yippy little ratdog, the GIFs keep coming at you. Yesterday kicked off a fresh new week of GIFs, with Olivier Hanlan dropkicking a lazy Jack Eichel out of the tournament. One and done indeed.

Today's offering features a couple of unconventional entries. A couple tournament dark horses, perhaps? Let's take a look.

Castonzo TD Dance

The best part of this -- other than BIG MAN TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!1111one11 -- in my opinion, is that Gosder Cherilus is the first guy over to Castonzo in the celebration. BC love, man. BC love.

USC Disbelief

This is just magic. There is so much going on. Every single person in this GIF brings something to the table. Of course there's the one guy shaking his hands in disbelief. Then there's the girl to behind him to his right mouthing, clear as day, "We just lost to Boston College." The guy on his right with the "eeeeeeeee" head scratch. The guy to his left reading his phone pretending this isn't happening. Weird Al in the front with the late head shake. The girl in the back right with her head in her hand in disappointment followed by another head shake. Open-mouthed bro in the back. The guy next to him looking around, truly not understanding what he just watched...

My goodness.

Here is the updated bracket:

We have a couple real heavyweights today. Make your votes count. You have 24 hours.