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Boston College GIF of the Year: Hexadecafinals, Matchup #3

Jack Eichel vs. You Have Chosen BC

Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

Moving right along with the GIF tournament.

Kenzie Kent took home the victory yesterday against UML Kesha with a decisive 3:1 mandate from the BCI voters. What do we have in store for today's vote?

Jack Crychel

We start off with one of those GIFs that fits the category of "barely associated with BC." Because while BU losing in soul-crushing fashion may indeed belong to us Eagles, it's more accurate to say that such a beautiful thing really just belongs to the world.

You Have Chosen BC

Up against a bawling Jack Eichel is a GIF that has shown up in a few recruiting threads this season -- the knight from Indiana Jones.

Watching this makes me think I should have snagged the "You Have Chosen Poorly" GIF for when recruits commit elsewhere, complete with guy-rapidly-aging-and-turning-to-dust. Oh well.

Here's your updated bracket:

Matchup #3 is all set and ready to go. Your 24 voting block starts... now.