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The Book - Week 3 - September 13, 2014

A new number one, Eagles slip slightly and enter USC a 2 TD underdog

Aubie sits on top of this week
Aubie sits on top of this week
Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

I have been doing this a long, long time.  The Book poll is something I started on paper in the early 80s and have been at for 30 years now and it is possible that in that period I have never seen a week as whacky as the last one.  Not so much for the way the FBS vs FBS games went, but for the way the FBS vs FCS games went.

A few years ago, I decided to incorporate the FBS vs FCS games into the rankings.  I felt that those were games on the schedule and they should be taken into account in some measure and the past few years, making those changes were positive overall additions to the rankings. Last week though, there were so many incredible blowouts as well as closer than expected losses, that it had a profound impact on the poll and by the way, it wasn't just mine either.  There were drastic changes in the Sagarin and other computer polls took to our former #1 Florida State and their win over the Citadel.

FSU entered the game a 53 point favorite vs the Sagarin number 201 program and won by 25.  That result, combined with their less than stellar effort against Oklahoma State, now has 7 of the 47 computer polls currently listed on the Massey site, with the Noles at 11 or below nationally, including one at #22.  Our poll has dropped the Noles from #1 all the way to #16, just one notch above the Sagarin rating of 17.

Other teams like Baylor, Texas A&M, Arkansas and Clemson rose substantially in the poll benefitting, while others squeaked by (relatively anyway) and took a hit moving down, like Florida State.

There are a few points of contention in the poll as there always are.  Marshall, #50 in the Massey and 58 in the Sagarin are up at #18 in ours.  That is almost purely based on where they started, not anything more.  Mississippi and Baylor are also much higher than they are in the regular polls at #2 and #3 respectively.

So what does it mean...say hello new #1, Auburn.  The Tigers have beat up both Arkansas and San Jose State to rise from fifth to open the season to one now.

On the other hand, BC dropped as you would expect, but not a lot, moving down to 75 from 71 nationally and down to 12 in the ACC.  They are a 14 point dog vs USC this week (Vegas has it at 20).

The spreads remain a bit lower than the Vegas ones are, but getting very close

Once again, the Massey ratings are the combined 47 computer poll rankings, listed on the Massey ratings site for the national rankings and the ACC National Ranking is the Book national ranking out of 128 teams.

1 Auburn Tigers 2-0 3
2 Baylor Bears 2-0 9
3 Ole Miss Rebels 2-0 13
4 Oklahoma Sooners 2-0 4
5 Oregon Ducks 2-0 1
6 Texas A&M Aggies 2-0 7
7 USC Trojans 2-0 6
8 LSU Tigers 2-0 8
9 Alabama Crimson Tide 2-0 5
10 Notre Dame Fighting Irish 2-0 11
11 Missouri Tigers 2-0 12
12 Georgia Bulldogs 1-0 10
13 UCLA Bruins 2-0 16
14 Michigan State Spartans 1-1 15
15 BYU Cougars 2-0 17
16 Florida State Seminoles 2-0 2
17 Florida Gators 1-0 34
18 Marshall Thundering Herd 2-0 50
19 Stanford Cardinal 1-1 14
20 Clemson Tigers 1-1 19

Others receiving votes: South Carolina, Wisconsin

1 Florida St. Seminoles 2-0 16
2 Clemson Tigers 1-1 20
3 Virginia Tech Hokies 2-0 21
4 Louisville Cardinals 2-0 22
5 Pittsburgh Panthers 2-0 29
6 North Carolina Tar Heels 2-0 30
7 Duke Blue Devils 2-0 49
8 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 2-0 55
9 Virginia Cavaliers 1-1 57
10 Syracuse Orange 1-0 60
11 Miami-Florida Hurricanes 1-1 64
12 Boston College Eagles 1-1 75
13 N.C. State Wolfpack 2-0 78
14 Wake Forest Demon Deacons 1-1 84

at #15 BYU 16 Houston
#2 Baylor 29 at Buffalo
at #11 Missouri 13 C. Florida
at #18 Marshall 23 Ohio
at #5 Oregon 28.5 Wyoming
at South Carolina 0.5 #12 Georgia
at #3 Mississippi 21.5 Louisiana-Lafayette
at #19 Stanford 27 Army
at #9 Alabama 39.5 So Mississippi
at #8 LSU 27 Louisiana-Monroe
#10 Notre Dame 27 Purdue
at #17 Florida 14 Kentucky
at #4 Oklahoma 16.5 Tennessee
#7 USC 14 Boston College
#13 UCLA 6 Texas

at Virginia Tech 14 East Carolina
at Georgia Tech 16 Georgia Southern
Pittsburgh 17 at Florida International
Syracuse 1 at C Michigan
Louisville 4 at Virginia
at Duke 12 Kansas
at Miami (FL) 8 Arkansas St
N Carolina St 4 at South Florida
at Utah St 3 Wake Forest

Other BC Opponents
at Vanderbilt 16 Massachusetts

Last week vs the Las Vegas Spread:  21-23 .477 with 1 game the same.

Year to date:  38-43 .469 with 2 games the same.

Enjoy the games this week and go Eagles!!