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Goodbye Daily Links; Hello, BCI Week In Review

Trying out a little something new starting next week

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning everyone! Happy Friday! For the past few years, we've started the day at BCI with a roundup of links to BC news from around the web. The limitation of that format is that, as we all know, all of the news doesn't come out with the morning paper anymore; news evolves and changes throughout the day. By the time some of the most interesting blog posts and articles get posted to our Daily Links, they're 12-16 hours old.

That's where FanShots come in. Fanshots allow for a quick post of a link, image or quote that we can post to the Fanshots section and share with social media. The other great thing about FanShots is that anyone can post one as long as they're registered here with a username. A number of you have already joined in by sharing some great links and pictures this week. Keep it up! And keep checking the FanShots section. We'll post 1-2 FanShots to the front page of the site each day, but the rest will all be there.

In addition, we are going to be trying out something new starting next Friday that will allow us to look back at some of the best content of the week and catch up on things we may have missed: The BCI Week In Review.

The Week in Review will post each Friday, and will consist of the very top stories of the week: most commented posts, most recommended comments, best FanPosts and best FanShots. This should provide some more exposure for some of the great comments, fanposts and fanshots that the readers of this site contribute each day.

One other new feature is going to be a Thursday football game preview links post. This will work a lot like the Daily Links do now, but will serve as your Thursday morning appetizer into a weekend of football by linking to all the game previews and opponent information for the coming BC game. We may keep this feature for hockey and basketball as well.

Thanks for reading, and always feel free to drop us a line if you have any recommendations going forward.

For now, enjoy some links from yesterday:

Boston College seeking new identity | Boston Herald

Ryan Day is grappling with the identity vacuum that followed the exodus of a superlative senior class.

BC Notebook: Swigert earns fan club | Boston Herald

Boston College wide receiver Bobby Swigert appreciates the great care and attention he received from the orthopedic staff at New England Baptist Hospital. But after 11 surgeries to repair one knee, Swigert hopes to never see any of them again.

20 Women's Soccer Players Named To All-ACC Honor Roll - Boston College Official Athletic Site

Twenty women's soccer players were named to the ACC Academic Honor Roll today as announced by the conference.

Boston College's hopes ride on QB Tyler Murphy | Boston Herald

Boston College coach Steve Addazio is hoping a fifth-year transfer quarterback and a lot of extra scrimmages will help make up for some big losses offensively.

BC notebook: Coach Steve Addazio takes ice bucket challenge - Sports - The Boston Globe

Boston College football coach Steve Addazio made quite a splash when he culminated Thursday's practice session at Shea Field by accepting an Ice Bucket Challenge and had a 5-gallon cooler of ice water poured over his head by quarterback Tyler Murphy.