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Update: Milano Tells ESPN's Pronman He's Going To BC

Update from Lake Placid: step down from the ledge

Bruce Bennett

It's a good thing I put that "?" after the "Sonny Milano to OHL?" headline earlier this morning. The saga continues:

Pronman covers NHL prospects for ESPN and has posted photographic evidence of himself in Lake Placid so the quote is probably legit.

Adam Kimelman of adds:

Of course, it's wise to heed the words of Chris Peters of CBS Sports' Eye on Hockey and not get too exuberant just yet:

As recently as two weeks ago, Milano told a reporter he remained firm in his commitment to Boston College, but the rumors kept percolating, and if earlier reports were to be believed, Milano was still on the fence going into World Junior camp about what he wanted to do. So I doubt this will be the last chapter of the story.  But it's the most recent chapter, and it's good news - for now.