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BCI Week In Review: Aug. 9-15

Recapping the best stuff of the week.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Even during the dog days of summer, when it feels like the final few weeks before the season will never go by, the community here at BC Interruption makes this place enjoyable each and every day. In order to highlight some of the best user-created content, while also making a digest of the best stuff you may have missed from this past week, we bring you the first ever (trumpets) BCI Week In Review.


We stopped doing a morning links post and instead asked for everyone to chip in with FanShots, and so far, people have delivered, bringing us some interesting content from around the web.

FormerEagleDad shared video of former Eagles now playing for the New York Giants partaking in the Ice Bucket Challenge:


Another neat story of an Eagle working hard for charity: Whatever It Takes shares a link about BC alum Joe McConaughy, who completed a series of runs totaling 2,663 miles as a fundraiser for cancer research.


And our own Grant Salzano found this on Twitter, which kind of speaks for itself:



The FanPosts keep rolling in as well, and we had a few good ones this week.

Danny Jaillet, who seems to be producing a new FanPost pretty much daily, had one of the week's most popular posts talking about the impact of the Ice Bucket Challenge:

Per a report from,the ALS Association's national president, Barbara Newhouse said that the fundraising efforts and challenges have led to an increase in donations. Newhouse said that $168,000 in online donations have been received over the past couple of days.

This is an enormous increase as at this point last year, the Association had raised a respectable but significantly less $14,000.


oneilltn had two posts worth highlighting:

A drop-in to BC practice and a discussion of Josh Bornder taking reps at QB.

It was interesting to see that Bordner was taking the QB reps with the second team offense. From practice recaps I've been reading on the BC rivals page, it seemed like most 2nd team reps at QB were going to DWade, with Flutie getting some reps as well, and Bordner had consistently been at the receiver position.

He also started a conversation about advanced hockey stats, one that we'll continue at some point this year:



The most trafficked and/or linked and/or commented posts of the week:

-It's Time To Build Tradition, a New Guy Joint about incorporating some local heritage into the game presentaiton

-Football Roundtable: Who WIll Be The Offensive MVP? - AJ and the crew discuss their thoughts on who'll lead the offense.

-Ohio State Cancels Non-Conference Series with UNC - leading to doom and gloom over whether BC's series would be canceled

-Power Conference Autonomy Could Lead to Championship Game Reform - by Brian.


Some of the best, funniest and/or most recommended comments of the week:

UofLGrad07's thesis on how to re-work the ACC schedule: 

My proposal
School Rival #1 Rival #2 Rival #3
Boston College Miami Pittsburgh Syracuse
Clemson Florida State Georgia Tech North Carolina St
Duke North Carolina Georgia Tech Wake Forest
Florida St Clemson Georgia Tech Miami
Georgia Tech Clemson Florida St Duke
Louisville Pittsburgh Syracuse Virginia Tech
Miami Boston College Florida State Virginia Tech
North Carolina Duke North Carolina St Virginia
North Carolina St Clemson North Carolina Wake Forest
Pittsburgh Boston College Louisville Syracuse
Syracuse Boston College Pittsburgh Louisville
Virginia Wake Forest North Carolina Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech Louisville Miami Virginia
Wake Forest Duke Virginia North Carolina St

Two things I tried to keep in mind when I made this

1. Not everyone is going to get 100% of what they want. No scheduling model is going to please every single school or every single fan. With that in mind, I tried to do things when picking permanent rivalries. First, I wanted preserve as many meaningful/historic games as possible (e.g. UNC-UVA, FSU-Miami, etc). Second, I wanted to ensure that every team got at least one geographic partner. It isn't going to please everyone, but I think it is at least a good starting point.

2. Permanent rivals aren't nearly as important in a 3+5 model. Outside of some of the truly "must keep" games (e.g. FSU-Miami, UNC-UVA), who you are paired with isn't that big of an issue. Why? The beauty of the 3+5 is that you get to cycle through opponents at a much faster rate. For example, UofL won't get annual games against FSU under this set-up, but they'll still play them once every two years on average. Plus, we'll go from playing Miami once every six years to playing them once every two. That is a petty good trade-off if you ask me.

tl;dr. But seriously, good stuff.

ZestyEd on tradition, in the New Guy traditions post:

You can create a tradition. Look at the Superfan shirts and how that soared to glory!


JPDot snark:

"leaving out Boston College, Pittsburgh, Syracuse and Wake Forest"...
Soooo, every other article on the ESPN ACC Blog then.

And Grant doing what Grant do and trolling in the post about Maine being ranked in the top 25 in the 1-AA/FCS poll:

Where are UConn and UMass in these rankings?

I laughed.


What else did you enjoy this week?