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2013-2014 BCI Awards: Game of the Year - Football - BC Tops VaTech 34-27

Eagles' big win over VT on November 2 launched BC toward bowl eligibility

Darren McCollester

It had been a long, long time since BC had beaten Virginia Tech. For that matter, it had been quite a while since BC had beaten a pretty good opponent, really. For the Hokies specifically, not since BC's 28-23 win over VT at home in 2008 had the Eagles tasted victory in this series. Starting with the second consecutive ACC title game loss to Virginia Tech later that fall, the Hokies beat BC 5 times in a row. The first four were whoopings; the fifth was a loss to a mediocre Tech team at home in a game BC had in its hands but coughed away late through some horrendous mismanagement, really summing up the Spaziani era well.

On November 2, 2013, it looked for a while like the Eagles were en route to another loss vs. Virginia Tech.. After an early Andre Williams touchdown, the Hokies controlled the ball for most of the second quarter, and took a 10-7 lead into halftime. VT maintained a three point edge, leading 20-17, with 8:45 left in the game. Then, BC turned it around, scoring a field goal and two touchdowns in 4:10 to pull ahead, 34-20. Kevin Pierre-Louis' 33 yard interception return for a touchdown shortly after the game-tying field goal was one of the true highlights of the season.

The game was critical in the context of the season for BC; as promising as the start of the year had been, and as competitive as BC was against Florida State and Clemson, the Eagles rode a two-game losing streak into this game and fell below .500 after a heavy thumping the week before at UNC. A loss here would have dropped BC to 3-5 and made bowl eligibility a much more difficult haul. Instead, the VT game served as a launching pad for the Eagles' four game win streak.

The Final Vote

BC vs. Virginia Tech - 3
BC at Maryland - 2
BC vs. Florida State - 2
BC at Clemson - 1

Comments from the Panel

"VTech. That game was great and gave us that win against a superior team we needed to make this a really solid year." - Grant Salzano

"Maryland. Let me reiterate that BC should not have even been in position to kick a game winning field goal if Andre Williams didn't truck his way into Maryland territory. Let me reiterate that BC should not have kicked a game winning field goal if Maryland hadn't called a last second, freeze-the-kicker time out. Let me reiterate that Nate Freese's balls are huge." - Dan Rubin

"VT. The Maryland game was crazy, but Spaz had beaten Maryland, so winning was nice but not amazing. Virginia Tech on the other hand had been a stout defensive team that had beaten BC five times in a row. To go out there and shove the ball down their throat was AWESOME." - AJ Black

"BC @ Clemson - almost pulled off the upset, Brian got on TV." -Jeff Martyn

"I'm going to go with the FSU game. Although it didn't turn out as a W, we did have a legitimate shot to win this game and played pretty well offensively. That Rettig-to-Willis TD pass was pretty sweet too. FSU needed to come back from a 14-point deficit and the Crab Leg Connoisseur had what many would point to as his "Heisman moment" with that stupid hail mary pass at the end of the 1st half. Close 2nd would be the Maryland game with the double digit comeback and the last-second Freese field goal." - Anonymous voter

Next Up - 

Game of the Year, Men's Hockey - 3 PM

Schedule and Awardees

Monday, July 21

-Best Female Athlete - McKenzie Meehan, Women's Soccer

Tuesday, July 22

-Best Male Athlete - Andre Williams, Football
-Best Individual Performance in a Game - Andre Williams vs. NC State

Wednesday, July 23

-Coach of the Year - Steve Addazio, Football
-Team of the Year - Men's Hockey

Thursday, July 24

-Best Moment of the Year - BC Football Senior Day vs. NC State
-Worst Moment of the Year - BC Football's Last-Second Loss at Syracuse

Friday, July 25

-Play of the Year - Ryan Fitzgerald's Goal against UML
-BCI Post of the Year - Super Andre Williams

Monday, July 28

-Biggest Story of the Year - Win for DK
-Most Disliked Opponent of the Year - Syracuse

Tuesday, July 29

-Game of the Year (football) - BC 34, Virginia Tech 27
-Game of the Year (men's hockey)

Wednesday, July 30

-Game of the Year (men's basketball)
-Game of the Year (all other sports)