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Boston College Daily Links: Will Notre Dame Help or Hurt the ACC?

Daily Links for Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Jonathan Daniel

Take 2: Will ND help or hurt the ACC? (ESPN ACC Blog)

Imagine this scenario playing out: Oct. 18, Doak Campbell Stadium. Notre Dame and Florida State, putting together an instant classic. The Irish have the Seminoles on the ropes, threatening their perch atop the college football rankings.

Sorry but you lost me at "The Irish have the Seminoles on the ropes" ...

Addazio to Attend ESPN's "Car Wash" (

Boston College head football coach Steve Addazio will take part in ESPN's annual summer "car wash" on Tuesday, July 29, on the network's campus, joining all 14 Atlantic Coast Conference head coaches for the two-day swing.

True story: when Addazio did the "Car wash" for the first time last year, I honestly thought he was going to some sort of dumb actual car wash put on by ESPN, that they were presumably going to put on TV, because they're ESPN and they do whatever they want.

What can I say, I don't watch a lot of ESPN.

Iowa Joins Michigan Among Big Ten Schools Having Trouble Selling Football Tickets (The Big Lead)

College football can't turn the tide against technology. It will never become a sensible, cost-effective entertainment experience. The solution may be to treat fans like customers instead of cult followers to be fleeced. Improve the product by scheduling better games and charge less for it, especially to students. Perhaps someone can translate that into consulting firm-ese and charge schools hundreds of thousands of dollars for the insight.

The attendance game is going to be interesting to watch in coming years. There seems to be a trend in all sports to really coalesce around watching a smaller and smaller group of truly elite teams on TV rather than fanning out to attend various local games in person.

Uniform Nation's 2014 ACC uniform rankings (Land-Grant Holy Land)

One of the few Under Armour teams will a subdued look, there's nothing special when it comes to Boston College. While the stained glass markings on the numbers and helmet stripe are creative and unique to the school, the Golden Eagles* looked best when Matt Ryan was under center.

*head explosion dot gif

From Old Virginia: Existential crisis for college soccer

But what better time to talk about college soccer - and in this case, specifically men's soccer; women's soccer doesn't have the same pressures on it - than when it appears to be facing a doomsday scenario? That's what it means, I think, when the college coaches get together on a plan that would fundamentally alter the season in a way that no college sport has ever done. In a nutshell: the season would be 25 games (plus postseason) and split between the fall and spring semesters with a break of a couple months in between. The College Cup, instead of being held smack in the middle of Christmas season, would be in June, and early enough so as not to compete with the College World Series but after the lacrosse Final Four.

Boston College at UMass: Eagles Open as 14.5-Point Favorites - Soaring to Glory - A Boston College Fan Site

The upcoming Boston College at UMass football game on August 30 at Gillette Stadium has already been assigned an opening line.