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2013-2014 BCI Awards: Post of the Year - Super Andre Williams

Of all the BCI posters to get linked by Deadspin, it had to be Grant? Yes, yes it did

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So technically speaking, this wasn't supposed to be one of the award categories we wrote about to wrap up the 2013-2014 season. But a) we ended up with an odd number of categories and b) multiple members of the panel mentioned the "Super Andre Williams" video at various points on their ballots.

As the Andre Williams for Heisman hype machine cranked up, Grant created this video of Andre Williams as Super Mario:

The video quickly racked up over 100,000 views (it's up over 200,000 now) and got links from DeadspinNESN and several other sites.

This post pretty much circulated the internet in a way no other BCI post had done to this point, so congratulations, Grant. You still suck, though.

In this category, I have to give a nod to AJ's outstanding football preview posts, which do a great job of introducing us to opponents and learning what to expect in a game. I also quite enjoy New Guy's UMass-trolling posts. Easy clicks. He also gets tons of credit for his in-depth baseball posts. It's not easy to cover a team whose performance is miserable, but he did it with gusto, and even provided some accurate insight and comments along the way.

Next Up:

Monday at 9 AM - Biggest Story of the Year

Schedule and Awardees:

Monday, July 21

-Best Female Athlete - McKenzie Meehan, Women's Soccer

Tuesday, July 22

-Best Male Athlete - Andre Williams, Football
-Best Individual Performance in a Game - Andre Williams vs. NC State

Wednesday, July 23

-Coach of the Year - Steve Addazio, Football
-Team of the Year - Men's Hockey

Thursday, July 24

-Best Moment of the Year - BC Football Senior Day vs. NC State
-Worst Moment of the Year - BC Football's Last-Second Loss at Syracuse

Friday, July 25

-Play of the Year - Ryan Fitzgerald's Goal vs. UMass-Lowell
-BCI Post of the Year -- Super Andre Williams

Monday, July 28

-Biggest Story of the Year
-Most Disliked Opponent of the Year

Tuesday, July 29

-Game of the Year (football)
-Game of the Year (men's hockey)

Wednesday, July 30

-Game of the Year (men's basketball)
-Game of the Year (all other sports)