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2013-2014 BCI Awards: Play of the Year - Ryan Fitzgerald's Goal vs. UMass-Lowell

There were many good options here, but Fitzgerald's huge goal to tie the Northeast Regional Final gets the nod

As has been mentioned in past BCI Award posts, this wasn't the winningest season for BC's teams, but it did produce a number of memorable moments. This was reflected in the final vote for "Play of the Year," which spanned across a number of worthy choices. Ultimately, Ryan Fitzgerald's goal against UMass-Lowell was the only play to pick up multiple votes.

The context of the goal mattered as much as the aesthetics of it. After giving up leads of 1-0 and 2-1, Boston College fell behind 3-2 just :43 seconds into the third period, and it was hard not to feel like the walls had come tumbling down on BC's season. But just 17 seconds later, Ryan Fitzgerald did this:

That second overhead view is really the one that demonstrates how nice this finish is. Earlier in the game, Fitzgerald had tried a similar move, hoping to bait Connor Hellebuyck into going for a poke check by holding the puck while bearing in on goal. But Hellebuyck, at that time, stood firm, and Fitzgerald's chance was knocked away. This time, the outstanding goalie for UMass-Lowell bit, and Fitzgerald wasted no time pulling the puck back and stuffing it between Hellebuyck's legs to tie the game.

This goal opened the door for Ian McCoshen's late game winner - an outstanding play in its own right.

Ah, memories.

Other plays that received votes:

Nate Freese's last second 52-yard field goal to beat Maryland - made even better by the fact that the original attempt missed, but Freese got a do-over thanks to Randy Edsall calling timeout:

There was a vote for Pat Brown's Beanpot winner:

Always worth another view.

There was a vote for "Pick any Andre highlight." Another excellent choice.

And some love for Ian McCoshen's swat off the line against Minnesota to preserve a 3-3 tie in that game:

Yeah, that was ridiculous.

This was an enjoyable category and all of these plays were worth revisiting.

Comments From The Panel:

"I'm going to go with Fitzgerald's goal vs. UML in Worcester to tie the game in the 3rd. Just seconds after Lowell had taken the lead in the 3rd and seemingly the life out of BC's season, Fitzgerald takes the puck and skates between two defenders from college hockey's best defense, to the net, and scores on college hockey's best goalie. It wasn't the most flashy play but it was a great individual effort."

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