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2013-2014 BCI Awards: Best Moment of the Year - Football Senior Day

The fans were invited on to the field to celebrate BC football's sixth win of the year, and a successful home season at Alumni Stadium

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In one of the closest and most spread out votes of any category, our panel selected BC football's senior day win over NC State as the "Moment of the Year" for 2013-2014.

There were several things about the game and the day that made it memorable. Firstly, it capped a 5-1 home slate for BC after consecutive years of serving up losing football to the loyal fans of home. Secondly, it was the scene of one of Andre Williams' most memorable performances in a BC uniform. Importantly, it marked BC's sixth win of the year, pinning down bowl eligibility. And perhaps most memorably, the fans were invited to join the team on the field to celebrate the season and dance to the celebratory sounds of the BC marching band.

It was truly a magical fall day on the Heights, and one that certainly felt like the dawning of a new and much more fun era of BC football. It was the culmination of a season of good vibes between the team and the fanbase, and that's what made it so special for everyone who was there.

I, personally, voted for BC's upset win over Syracuse. While not a basketball guy myself, the emotions of that game for the team and the fanbase were incredible, given Dick Kelley's passing just one week before the win. The game was topsy turvy, full of drama, and resulted on the first positive headlines for BC basketball in a long time.

That said, it's tough to argue with the winning choice.

Baldwin, your thoughts?

The Final Vote

3 - Senior Day, football vs. NC State
2 - BC basketball upsets #1 Syracuse
2 - Nate Freese's last second field goal to beat Maryland
1 - Steve Addazio's Pregame Speech vs. Villanova

Comments from the Panel

Dan Rubin: "The moment when Steve Addazio gave his first pregame speech before Villanova. We all craved the feeling that BC football would be different from the Spaz era, and when Daz stood there and led the team in a chant of "the team. The team. The family. The family. BC. BC. BC" it really crystallized everything we would come to love about him and the 2013 team."

AJ Black: "Storming the field with the football team after beating NC State at home. I know the team wasn't great, but this was the moment I felt that BC football reconnected again with the fans. After years of being beaten down by the malaise and awful football brought about by Spaz, this released us. When Steve Addazio grabbed the mic and told all the fans to get on the field with the team, it was one of the coolest moments I can remember."

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Schedule and Awardees:

Monday, July 21

-Best Female Athlete - McKenzie Meehan, Women's Soccer

Tuesday, July 22

-Best Male Athlete - Andre Williams, Football
-Best Individual Performance in a Game - Andre Williams vs. NC State

Wednesday, July 23

-Coach of the Year - Steve Addazio, Football
-Team of the Year - Men's Hockey

Thursday, July 24

-Best Moment of the Year - BC Football Senior Day vs. NC State
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Friday, July 25

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Monday, July 28

-Biggest Story of the Year
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Tuesday, July 29

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Wednesday, July 30

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