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Boston College Daily Links: Ranking ACC O-Lines

Daily Links for Wednesday, May 23, 2014


We start off your humpday with our friends over at Troy Nunes si an Absolute Magician ranking the offensive lines in the ACC:

ACC Football 2014 Position Rankings: Offensive Line - Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician

7. Boston College Eagles: "O-line U" may not be "back" just yet, but they're getting there as Steve Addazio is making great headway on the recruiting trail and transfer circuits, respectively. He's also managed to get a ton of out of existing players on the roster, which is why 2014's starters are made up entirely of seniors. Size is once again key here -- not a single player is shorter than 6'3" and no one's lighter than 288. They're big and over-achieving right now, which will lead to blue-chippers in similar molds later.

Elsewhere on the SB Nation network, Blogger So Dear also took a look at BC:

Preview: Boston College Offense & Coaching #TheRivalry - Blogger So Dear

The next chapter of #TheRivalry will feature new faces on both sides of the field as both Wake and BC look to rebuild their offenses after losing key pieces.

More ACC Network talk:

Dedicated channel is final frontier for ACC ::

The Atlantic Coast Conference wrapped up their annual "Kickoff" media event in Greensboro Monday with a new sense of swagger, eschewing the typical fluffy marketing points meant to prop up the brand. Florida State had their BCS National Championship hardware and reigning Heisman Trophy winning quarterback providing tangible results. The Seminoles are legitimate candidates to repeat and Clemson represents a viable opportunity for two conference teams to make the new College Football Playoff.

Five takeaways from ACC Kickoff - NCF Nation Blog - ESPN

5. No one's handing the Atlantic to FSU.

Syracuse Orange coach Scott Shafer said he first understood how good Florida State was during pregame warm-ups last year. He pointed out a few players who were far bigger than anyone on his team, only to learn the FSU behemoths were redshirting. But even with the knowledge that his Orange are facing an uphill battle, Shafer wasn't admitting defeat before the games are played in 2014.

Eric Shorter '94, grew up in a single-parent home where his mother often worked three jobs to provide for her two sons. He lived in a series of public housing apartments in Hartford, Conn., neighborhoods that were rampant with street crime. He played football for a high school team with so few candidates that he was forced to play almost every position at one time or another. And, finally, he learned that Boston College - his top choice for both higher education and the opportunity to play major college football - did not have any athletic scholarships available to offer to him.