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2013-2014 BCI Awards: Best Individual Game Performance - Andre Williams vs. NC State

Andre vs. Andre vs. Andre vs. Andre. Who wins? Andre, naturally

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

As soon as the category of "Best Individual Game Performance" was placed on the ballot for this year's BCI Awards, we all knew that an Andre Williams performance would probably win. In the end, everyone mentioned an Andre Williams game on their ballot, but several different Williams performances got votes. (New Guy cheated and voted for three different games, two of which did not involve Williams, but his vote was disqualified for trying to vote for three things at once. Step up your game, New Guy.)

In the end, the winner was Andre Williams' game against North Carolina State on November 16 at Alumni Stadium. Williams ripped off 339 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns, including breaking a late touchdown to help cement BC's 38-21 victory on an emotional day in Chestnut Hill. The victory improved BC to 6-4, gave the Class of 2014 a Senior Day to remember, and made BC bowl eligible in year one of the Post-Spaz Era.

During the game, Williams surpassed Mike Cloud's record for rushing yards in a season by a BC player, with 3 total games left to play. This game also really began to move the needle nationally in terms of Andre Williams getting Heisman attention.

The Final Vote

Andre Williams vs. NC State - 3 votes
Andre Williams vs. Army - 1 votes
Andre Williams vs. Wake Forest - 1 vote
Andre Williams' ridiculous month (this was stretching it, but it was allowed) - 1 vote
Johnny Gaudreau's point streak - 1 vote*
Disqualified for voting for three different things - 1 vote JCNG

*I completely forgot about how impressive this was until Brian mentioned it on his ballot, which kind of goes to show how used to it I got. You just knew Gaudreau was going to score. You didn't even need to really think about it or be amazed by it at all.

Panel Comments

Grant Salzano - "Andre Williams had so many ridiculous performances, but among them all there was one that stuck out for me. It was the end of the Wake Forest game. Look at the last drive of this game."

Dan Rubin: "Three nominees out of me:

a) Andre Williams vs. Army - 30 carries, 263 yards, 5 TD's. Even if it was against an Army team that wasn't particularly great, I couldn't even touch those numbers playing in the video game.

b) Johnny Gaudreau vs. Maine - 5 assists. It's one thing to kill a team by scoring, but it's another to pretty much pull a Jordan Rules Michael Jordan and destroy a team by passing. Gaudreau's epic performance that game solidified him as college hockey's best all around threat (if any doubt still existed), not just the greatest scorer.

c) Andrew Chin vs. Clemson - BC had their backs to the wall in the last weekend of the season, but they weren't mathematically eliminated from the ACC tournament at that point. Enter Chin. In what ended up being his last pitching performance in an Eagles uniform, he threw the first complete game in four years, and the most effective game in nine. He retired 10 straight between the fifth and eighth innings and 14 of his final 16 batters. BC would end up eliminated when NC State won, but that was just one of those wow performances that leave you smiling about what could've been if BC could've built around him."

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