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Boston College Football Releases 2014 Roster

As ACC Media Day is under way BC released their most current roster.

Darren McCollester

The ACC media days are about to get under way in Greensboro, North Carolina and Boston College kicked the day off by releasing the 2014 fall roster for the football program. There were some interesting tidbits on the roster so let's take a look.

First the freshmen have all received their numbers:

#6 - Sherm Allston - Wide Receiver (was listed as running back on most of his recruiting pages)
#7 - Marcus Outlow - Running Back
#13 - Connor Strachan - Linebacker
#14 - Gabe McClary - Wide Receiver
#16 - Troy Flutie - Quarterback* 
#32 - Jonathan Hiliman - Running Back.
#37 - Will Mahar - Kicker
#37 - Kamrin Moore - Defensive Back (was listed as an athlete before)
#38 - Richard Wilson - Running Back (was listed as an athlete before)
#41 - Austin Stevens - Defensive Line
#44 - Ty Schwab - Linebacker
#47 - Cameron Steward - Defensive Back
#49 - Kevin Bletzer - Linebacker
#55 - Christian Lezzer - Linebacker
#58 - James Hendren - Offensive Lineman
#63 - Austin Chapman - Tight End
#73 - Sam Schmal - Offensive Lineman
#78 - Harold Landry - Defensive Lineman
#84 - Nat Dixon - Wide Receiver
#85 - Thaddius Smith - Wide Receiver
#89 - Tom Sweeney - Tight End
#91 - Joe Vitiello - Defensive Lineman
#92 - Kevin Cohee - Defensive Lineman
#94 - Noa Merritt - Defensive Lineman (is the first #94 since Mark Herzlich)
#98 - Mike Knoll - Kicker

In addition, number shakeup in the receiving corps. Sophomore Drew Barksdale is now #80, redshirt freshman Charlie Callinan is now #83 and senior Jeffrey Jay is #86. Sophomore linebacker Sean Burke is now #46.

Both of the UConn transfers that we had mentioned on this site are now officially on the roster. Wide Receiver and former BC player Shakim Phillips is listed as #11 (he was #84 when he first played here) and Ty Meer Brown a defensive back is listed as #5.

Also there were two names that were not on the list that was a little curious. C.J. Jones, a senior whom many expected to be a starting cornerback is nowhere to be found on the list. Not sure why he was left off. Incoming freshman DT Oseh Saine was left off as well. Before he committed to BC many of the recruiting websites had mentioned that his academics might need to improve, so he might be doing what Steven Daniels did and taking a year to do that. Nothing of course has been said about that.

There were also two new names that were not originally on any recruiting reports so they must be some sort of walk on. Those would be Jack Kenny (#98) a defensive lineman out of Baltimore. You can see his HUDL film below:

The other would be Noah Penders, a linebacker out of Seton Hall Prep in New Jersey. You can see his HUDL film below as well. He was a captain last year on his team.

* Yes, he was listed as a quarterback much to the chagrin of many on this website.